Bad potty habits forming

I have a 4 year old male nurtured cat. Until about 4 months ago he went in his litter box. The litter box is a hooded one. He now urinates on throw rugs and he has bowel movements in the middle of kitchen floor.I keep the litter clean and smelling fresh. He uses this box with another cat, that he has been with all his life. I thought maybe that something scared him while in the box, so now I leave the top off of it. He still does his business wherever he wants. He has been to the vet and doesn’t have a UTI. Any suggestions? [Read more…]

Question about crate training my pit bull

We just adopted a 8 week old pit bull Catahoula mix puppy and we have her for 2 weeks now she pees in the house about every 30 to 45 minutes even after going outside to pee. we have 2 other dogs in the house and they play a lot together. we are crate training her and she has even had accidents in her crate. any suggestions would be great. [Read more…]

Cats urinating out of box

2 out of 8 cats go everywhere, including on me, except boxs. I tried every deterrent; they don’t have UTI. I am beside myself, as mu house now smells awful. If you can, please help me and my loves. [Read more…]

Question about submissive urinating

I have a 3 year old female Yorkie and she has always had a problem urinating when company comes and talks to or pets her. It seems to have gotten much worse lately to the point where when company comes around we have to put her in her pet taxi. Is there anything that can be done about this? I have done lots of research but nothing has helped! [Read more…]

5 year old cat urinating on the carpet

Our 5 year old cat started urinating on the rug after our older cat (who passed away) urinated once on the rug. Our 5 year old cat (named Gitsie) has been urinating on the rugs ever since. We actually got new rugs in the area and sealed the wood underneath before the new rugs came. We have had to have the new rugs cleaned twice and have laid tin foil along the perimeter of the rooms. That is where she urinates. She never did this before and the vet suggested putting her on Prozac? IS this common or do you have any suggestions for us? I love Gitsie and just do not know what to do. I cannot afford new carpets again. Thanks so much! [Read more…]