What age to spay our Labrador

We have a 7 month old Labrador Retriever which I am in the process of training to become a Therapy Dog. She is not spayed although we plan on it. I have asked everyone I can and have discovered that breeders opt for from one year to two years before spaying and veterinarians go with six months or as close to that time as possible. I have done extensive research and am concerned of the possible consequences of early spay. Inhibit growth plate development, bone cancer increase incidence, incontinence that has been reported in dogs spayed earlier than one year. We know the benefits of spaying and plan on it, just not sure when; we lover your show and we are seeking a “second opinion” as we have another appointment today with our sixth Vet. [Read more…]

Question about medication

My cat Baby, who is 18 years, just had a physical. She’s in good health except she is blind from high blood pressure which is now controlled with meds. Her back legs seem to be painful from arthritis and the vet prescribed prednisolone 2.5 mg every other day. It has definitely helped. My problem is obtaining this med. No pharmacies carry it and my vet wants $62 for 20 pills. I can order from 1800petmeds but I am leery about buying online. Do you think they are a reputable source? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for listening. [Read more…]

What is cause of bad breath in cats

My cat Cody has bad breath. He is a neutered 4-6 year old male striped tabby who throws up periodically (about every 10 days or so) but doesn’t seem sick. My vet has ordered a blood workup, results not yet in. He also has gingivitis and will get a second dental cleaning and extraction this March (six months from the last one). I feed him Royal Canin sensitive digestion formula hard kibbles exclusively. He will throw up anything else. Can you enlighten me? [Read more…]

Question about a brace

Hello! I have a healthy little keeshound dog rescued from ga. He presents with a right front paw that he doesn’t use and keeps it up. Took to vet, no breaks but likely neuropathy. Was chewing on it but cleared that up. Vet suggested amputation and i say no!!!!
Where can i get a brace for him? [Read more…]

Question about seizures

A friend’s 16 week old hairless Chinese crested has had seizures. her vet, for some reason, refuses to do a bile enzyme test…only standard blood work. they are in the UK and I am in the US. when my CC had seizures, the liver was the first to be checked by my vet. do you think it’s a necessary test? [Read more…]