Dog eating own feces

9 1/2 yr old Lab (service dog) is eating his own pooh.was told 1/2 t. Adolph’s meat tenderizer on kibble with bit of water would make his pooh smell repugnant to him and he would stop. Worked for a couple days -now he’s back at it. Don’t want to use it long term because it’s so salty. I am confined to wheelchair;husband had serious eye surgery ;must lie down on belly at least 2 more weeks. He used to clean it up immediately. Have to depend on kind neighbors to do it, so it accumulates a day or so.What can I do to help him, why is he doing it, could it be emotional or dietary? [Read more…]

Cat’s Constant Licking

I rescued a five year old cat that will not eat canned food at all. I’m concerned whether or not she is getting enough nutrients in her dry food. Should I be giving her some additional supplements? [Read more…]

Diet for 78 lb Australian mix

Our Baxter needs to lose 10 lbs per the Vet. My husband and I disagree strongly on how much to feed him. Can you advise us, please. He is currently getting 3/4 cup of diet food with green beans and 1/4 cup pumpkin at each meal but is obviously hungry. I want to give more dry food. Am I wrong? He is a 7 year old Aussie rescue who has just started a 30 minute walk per day. [Read more…]

What food should I give my dogs

I have 3 small dogs – a 6.5 year old yorkie poo (<6 lbs), an 11 year old shih tzu (13 lbs) and a 12.5 year old maltese (13 lbs). As they share food, what is the best option that covers all their needs. They get a multi vitamin (Pet tab) every day. [Read more…]

Question about vomiting

I have a 12 year old shitz-u who has been vomiting since she was a puppy. I have been very careful with not changing food and she gets no table food. I have consulted my vet and the only thing he has tried is an ant acid which only helps once in a while. I have tried grain free treats as I think the treats are the culprit I break them all Into tiny pieces because to many means puking the next day. Since the past year she seems to be puking even more. Not sure what else to try and I haven’t changed to senior diet because I don’t want to upset her stomache. Any suggestions. [Read more…]