13 year old dog not eating after teeth extracted

What should the post operative treatment be for a 13 year old dog who had 7 teeth extracted 9 days ago and still isn’t eating normally?

Currently he is in a vet clinic on an IV (without pain medication) and taking medication for a stomach ulcer for previous and continued use of previcox.

What damage of internal organs is likely if he doesn’t begin eating normally soon. [Read more…]

Diet for Australian Cattle dog / Queensland Heeler

We have a 13yr, old female spayed Australian Cattle dog/Queensland Heeler who weighs 81 pounds, but used to weighing 70 pounds. She is a lot active and has arthritis, but is on anti-inflammatory. She eats 2 cups of Natural Balance Vegan kibble daily, equaling about 700 calories. Without changing her type of food, how can we reduce her weight? Can she safely eat less than 2 cups/700 calories daily? [Read more…]

Question about diet for a dog with kidney disease

What about a diet of bread and hot dogs for a dog with renal failure? I am taking care of a 13 year old lab recently diagnosed and was told not to give her anything else. I am very worried as to how to handle this with the owner. [Read more…]

Question about diabetic dogs

I have an 8 yr old male poodle mix who’s recently been diagnosed as being diabetic.I have 2 questions. 1.I cook for him boiled turkey w/brown rice & sometimes w/green beans. What else may I fix for a variety and sufficient nutrients? 2.I give him his insulin shots based on what the vet says his blood sugar is. Question 2: Is there a way I can check his blood sugar at home? Twice daily trips to the vet is becoming more expensive than the insulin, test strips and syringes. [Read more…]

Question about a Siamese cat age 8

He has been throwing up solid hard food and now only licks the juice out of cans of food i give him three or four cans a day. I’ve been to the vet and they say he’s fine i don’t think so what do you think? [Read more…]