Question about Ivy’s Kidney Disease

Dr. Brown,
I was reading the story on Ivy living with Kidney Disease for years ( ) and I was wondering what you did to keep him going. Minnew, my 14 year old, was diagnosed about 7 months ago. She gets fluids twice a week and we are keeping her thyroid high enough to keep her kidneys happy. She is also on Royal Canin RX food (and Solid Gold wet depending on her mood). She has her good and bad days. More good than bad. Any advice? [Read more…]

Kidney disease in cats

I have an 11 year old cat who on a recent blood test had very slightly elevated levels of BUN and CRE. For years I have been giving him a little Half and Half daily to try to get more moisture into him; A vet suggested this. He gets moist food in the mornings but won’t eat it in the afternoons so I feed him dry food then. Mice are also a large part of his diet. I am concerned about he phosphorus in the Half and Half. Should I stop giving him this? [Read more…]

Liver levels increased after tooth extraction and antibiotics

Our dog had some swelling on her face and it was determined that she had cracked a molar. A blood test was done prior to the extraction. She was administered many drugs for anesthesia and pain during the procedure then Baytril & Tram idol after the surgery. (Of course if you look up each of the drugs she was given they all have side effects of liver damage.)

On the 13th day of the Baytril she would not take it and became weary of anything we gave her. She lost her appetite and regurgitated/vomited often. We took her to another vet and he did a blood test and her kidney levels had risen to high and her liver levels were off the scale. They put her on fluids and now she is eating and drinking and becoming more like herself every day.

We took her back 3 days later to have the blood tests done and the levels are still not readable but she is acting fine now. He wants to give her an ultrasound to look at her liver & kidneys. [Read more…]

Cooling pad and bladder

Doctor Brown, To keep our 14 year old black chow cool we recently purchased from a catalog a pad with a gel inside that keeps the pad about 5 or 10 degrees cooler than the room’s temperature. Last night was the first time he slept on it with his full body. Today, for the first time ever, he urinated in the car. Is it possible for that cooling pad to create a cold in the bladder? Thanks for your help. [Read more…]

Dog leaks urine sometimes

My dog leaks urine sometimes what could be causing this? [Read more…]