Dog’s penis not retracting

I adopted an approx. 5 year old male long-haired chihuahua. He is about 4 lbs. He had not been neutered until the rescue group received him at the end of July. His penis protrudes rather considerably from the foreskin. I have had him groomed & checked for fur/hair blocking the foreskin. There is no sign of infection. All his stitches are gone now too. Do you recommend surgery? I have read a stitch or two can cure the problem. [Read more…]

Adding flavoring to water

My Papillon recently had surgery for bladder stones, calcium oxalater. The vet want him to drink more water but he doesn’t want to drink that much. I was thinking about adding this all natural flavoring to his water.Please let me know what you think about it. He’ll only need about 3 drops or so. [Read more…]

Question about my 16 year old cat’s urinary problem

Lately, my cat has good days and bad days. On the bad days she walks back and forth for hours on end, seeking for a place to urinate. When she finds the place, she sits at it for a few moments before getting up having left a few drops of urine behind.
What is causing this and can I treat her at home without having to take her to the vet(not that it would be easy to capture her if I needed to. She’s semi-feral and when she doesn’t feel well, she runs away from me)?

What would cause her the least amount of stress and possible harm, waiting out her symptoms in the quiet and safety of her home, or whatever procedures veterinary treatment would entail? Until now the answer was always clear, but now that she appears to be in distress, I’m no longer sure what’s the best thing to do for her. Can you please advise? [Read more…]

Urinary tract infection

Dr. Brown, my kitty was treated last month for u.t.i. and is now solely on the c/d dried and canned food but beforehand always got greenies and other cat treats and still begs for them now but my vet had told me not to give him any treats and didn’t know of any that would be safe to give now so i wanted to see if you knew of any that would be ok? [Read more…]

Post UTI maintenance

I have a cat that just had a urinary infection with crystals present, but luckily I was able to ward off a blockage by giving him a lot of water and getting him to a vet. My question is about food. He doesn’t like wet food much, and believe me, I’ve tried. I give him some every day mixed with some water. He’ll lick the gravy and drink some water and that’s it. The other problem is he only likes the less quality food, like fancy feast dry. It’s tough. And I have 3 other cats making it even more difficult, since they won’t eat the urinary tract food either. I saw some supplements sold by Wysong for uti health and was wondering if they help and if giving him those supplements would make up for his diet. [Read more…]