Sneezing/weepy eye in older cat

I have an 11 year old male, neutered kitty (on of 10 rescues I have)that started sneezing 2-3 days ago and his right eye periodically looks weepy. He is, as they all are, an indoor kitty. He is eating, not a lot, but I am worried. Since I am retired and on a fixed income I can’t run to the vet with any little thing like I used to when working. But if you think I should, I will. Thank you Dr. Brown. Sande [Read more…]

Leg issue

My dog is limping and the only thing I can guess is that he jumped up into the SUV, and then jumped out. Ever since then he’s been limping and that was 2 days ago, so I’m not sure if I should keep walking him, wrap his leg or let him rest…Should I give him buffered aspirin? [Read more…]

Dog eating own feces

9 1/2 yr old Lab (service dog) is eating his own pooh.was told 1/2 t. Adolph’s meat tenderizer on kibble with bit of water would make his pooh smell repugnant to him and he would stop. Worked for a couple days -now he’s back at it. Don’t want to use it long term because it’s so salty. I am confined to wheelchair;husband had serious eye surgery ;must lie down on belly at least 2 more weeks. He used to clean it up immediately. Have to depend on kind neighbors to do it, so it accumulates a day or so.What can I do to help him, why is he doing it, could it be emotional or dietary? [Read more…]

Question about dental hygiene

We have two Yorkshire Terrier’s (both under 5Ibs). Both are being fed wet food only (kangaroo and parsnip for one and the other one gets wild rabbit and potato). We have recently started to add some nutrition into their diet as well. The reason for this type of diet is that one of them is highly allergic. Both of them have bad breath and plaque on their teeth that’s why we have decided on a professional cleaning for them. Neither one of them likes the tooth brush. Tried it many times but all attempts failed. Now that we are getting a fresh start on their hygiene we are wondering what else we might be able to do to help them continue to have healthy teeth. [Read more…]

Question about feline digestive issues

My 11 yr old cat has a medium length coat. He has been throwing up or having diarrhea off and on over the past couple months. He eats high quality dry and canned food: Instinct, Origen, Tikki, Weruva & fresh water). I’ve given him petromalt type of hairball relief because he has had hair balls off and on most of his life. I brush him to his limited tolerance. I feel at this point he may need to see a Vet although I haven’t been totally confident with current Vet. I also am having financial problems and can’t afford to go Vet shopping right now. He’s a wonderful cat, very playful and silly. He hasn’t had any changes in activity or hunger. I’m appreciative of any advice or insights you can offer. And lastly, I want you to know how much I wish you were still on tv. I was a faithful viewer. I do realize that in devoting all your time to DELTA, you are offering a wonderful gift to the animal world. [Read more…]