Question about dental hygiene

We have two Yorkshire Terrier’s (both under 5Ibs). Both are being fed wet food only (kangaroo and parsnip for one and the other one gets wild rabbit and potato). We have recently started to add some nutrition into their diet as well. The reason for this type of diet is that one of them is highly allergic. Both of them have bad breath and plaque on their teeth that’s why we have decided on a professional cleaning for them. Neither one of them likes the tooth brush. Tried it many times but all attempts failed. Now that we are getting a fresh start on their hygiene we are wondering what else we might be able to do to help them continue to have healthy teeth. [Read more…]

Kidney disease in cats

I have an 11 year old cat who on a recent blood test had very slightly elevated levels of BUN and CRE. For years I have been giving him a little Half and Half daily to try to get more moisture into him; A vet suggested this. He gets moist food in the mornings but won’t eat it in the afternoons so I feed him dry food then. Mice are also a large part of his diet. I am concerned about he phosphorus in the Half and Half. Should I stop giving him this? [Read more…]

Question about congestive heart failure

My neutered male dog of older indeterminate age has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure which apparently grew out of an earlier heart murmur. He’s on Vetmedin, potassium and several diuretics. We’ve heard favorable things about Hawthorne berries as a possible help for him but his cardiologist doesn’t know what dose or whether it would interact with current medications. He’s about 22 lbs. Are you familiar with this product and what amount would be considered a proper dose? Would there be an interaction with the Vetmedin? [Read more…]

Question about my 18 year old poodle’s bloody stool

Powder is 18, has cataracts, both eyes but get around very well. Every 7-10 days, she will not want to eat and then has a liquid bloody stool. She won’t eat for another day or so, but then next day eats and is fine with normal stool until this repeats. She has a heart murmur, (vet pills made her throw up) a small benign tumor on her chest, sleeps a lot. What could cause the blood & is there something I can give her for the blood? [Read more…]

Purple Blister on Dog Prepuce

I have a 4yr old neutered Chihuahua that I found has a purple/blood like blister on the top of his prepuce just on the outside of the opening to his penis in the hair area. I very gently squeezed it and maybe a tiny bit of puss came out just below the purple area, but no blood. It looks like a blood blister we get when we’ve injured our finger. I’ve just left it alone after I did that. It doesn’t appear to cause him pain. I called my vet, but he can’t see him until next week. Should I be concerned about this? I took a photo of it, if you would like to see it. [Read more…]