Fatty tumors in my dog

I have a 13 year old mixed breed dog. She is all muscle and weighs about 90 pounds.Tasha developed two tumors, one in the right side of her neck and one in her lower left side around her waist area,about a year ago. Both were aspirated and neither is cancerous. She eats well, there has been no weight change, we walk twice per day. My vet doesn’t want to operate unless they change — is there any way to help her body reabsorb these masses? She eats Orijen dry dog food with raw beef, or sardines/mackerel or eggs etc., added to it for a change of pace. Any advice you give would be greatly appreciated. [Read more...]

What is cause of bad breath in cats

My cat Cody has bad breath. He is a neutered 4-6 year old male striped tabby who throws up periodically (about every 10 days or so) but doesn’t seem sick. My vet has ordered a blood workup, results not yet in. He also has gingivitis and will get a second dental cleaning and extraction this March (six months from the last one). I feed him Royal Canin sensitive digestion formula hard kibbles exclusively. He will throw up anything else. Can you enlighten me? [Read more...]

Liver levels increased after tooth extraction and antibiotics

Our dog had some swelling on her face and it was determined that she had cracked a molar. A blood test was done prior to the extraction. She was administered many drugs for anesthesia and pain during the procedure then Baytril & Tram idol after the surgery. (Of course if you look up each of the drugs she was given they all have side effects of liver damage.)

On the 13th day of the Baytril she would not take it and became weary of anything we gave her. She lost her appetite and regurgitated/vomited often. We took her to another vet and he did a blood test and her kidney levels had risen to high and her liver levels were off the scale. They put her on fluids and now she is eating and drinking and becoming more like herself every day.

We took her back 3 days later to have the blood tests done and the levels are still not readable but she is acting fine now. He wants to give her an ultrasound to look at her liver & kidneys. [Read more...]

Administering hemp oil

Thank you so much for your quick response to my previous questions. I have another question regarding hemp oil. Can you give it orally or does it have to be mixed with food?? [Read more...]

Question about a brace

Hello! I have a healthy little keeshound dog rescued from ga. He presents with a right front paw that he doesn’t use and keeps it up. Took to vet, no breaks but likely neuropathy. Was chewing on it but cleared that up. Vet suggested amputation and i say no!!!!
Where can i get a brace for him? [Read more...]