Question about seizures

A friend’s 16 week old hairless Chinese crested has had seizures. her vet, for some reason, refuses to do a bile enzyme test…only standard blood work. they are in the UK and I am in the US. when my CC had seizures, the liver was the first to be checked by my vet. do you think it’s a necessary test? [Read more...]

Bladder cancer and kidney disease

One of my cats has kidney disease-will hemp oil help. if so what dosage, she weighs 5 lbs.

My other cat has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, we have ordered hemp oil,she weighs 7.6 lbs-is 1 ml okay to give. Is this hemp oil okay to give with Piroxicam [Read more...]

Question about alergies and seizures

My American bulldog was at the vets for a wk stay,(kennel)in may, I told them to give him all his shots before he came home, including flea pill etc, he had a shot for kennel cough also, when I pkd him up, he wasn;t himself, almost to the point , he didn’t recognize me, he never was away from home before, on the way home he was almost himself again, then came the scratching,, I I went back to the vets 2 to 3 months in a row, thinkin fleas, got a flea pill, still scratching, so the vet seen him, and says allergies,, his eyes pink, his bottom, and around his mouth pink, also had little bumps on mouth, [Read more...]

Extreme matting on my cat

I have a two year old long hair kitty that is part of my rescued family (I have 10 rescued indoor kitties). She is part of the small feral community that live in my back yard so of course there is a lot of inbreeding. Bella has HUGE thick mats on her top rear area—I cut away as many as I can but there is one that is almost impossible to remove without shaving. She also sheds more than the other 9. Other than this she is perfectly healthy. I am wondering if I need to add something to her diet to alleviate this problem? [Read more...]

Inclusion Cyst

I have a 9yr old Beagle with an inclusion cyst, it doesn’t bother him at all but it is growing. Currently it’s about the size of a golf ball. I was curious at to what you thought the course of treatment should be. My vet said that it needed to be surgically removed, that if it was just drained, it would fill again and/or become infected.
I hesitate to put him under the knife again, he had a Mebomian cyst removed just last year. He again had to be put under once again after the surgery because the stitches came out and they needed to be re-stitched.
What is your opinion on having the inclusion cyst drained under a local? Is there a chance that it would resolve the cyst? Is there anything I could do, like hot packing it, that would work? How soon would it need to be operated on if I had to go that route?
Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to your response. [Read more...]