Question about my 18 year old poodle’s bloody stool

Powder is 18, has cataracts, both eyes but get around very well. Every 7-10 days, she will not want to eat and then has a liquid bloody stool. She won’t eat for another day or so, but then next day eats and is fine with normal stool until this repeats. She has a heart murmur, (vet pills made her throw up) a small benign tumor on her chest, sleeps a lot. What could cause the blood & is there something I can give her for the blood? [Read more…]

Fatty tumors in my dog

I have a 13 year old mixed breed dog. She is all muscle and weighs about 90 pounds.Tasha developed two tumors, one in the right side of her neck and one in her lower left side around her waist area,about a year ago. Both were aspirated and neither is cancerous. She eats well, there has been no weight change, we walk twice per day. My vet doesn’t want to operate unless they change — is there any way to help her body reabsorb these masses? She eats Orijen dry dog food with raw beef, or sardines/mackerel or eggs etc., added to it for a change of pace. Any advice you give would be greatly appreciated. [Read more…]

Administering hemp oil

Thank you so much for your quick response to my previous questions. I have another question regarding hemp oil. Can you give it orally or does it have to be mixed with food?? [Read more…]

Bladder cancer and kidney disease

One of my cats has kidney disease-will hemp oil help. if so what dosage, she weighs 5 lbs.

My other cat has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, we have ordered hemp oil,she weighs 7.6 lbs-is 1 ml okay to give. Is this hemp oil okay to give with Piroxicam [Read more…]

Possible tumor in cats nasal passage

Dear Dr. My 9 yr old kitty started sneezing about 5 months ago. I took her to the vet when her face started to swell on one side, up side of her nose and under her eye. Without extensive testing (CT Scan) my vet thinks its a tumor. Took her to another vet and pretty much got the same answer. She breaths only thru one side of her nose, eye and nose are very runny, clear liquid. I’m beside myself that I cant afford the tests that she needs but have been told that if it is a tumor there is nothing to be done. What can I do to make her more comfortable? How will I know when her time is near? She still eats and drinks. I’m heartbroken. Thank you for any suggestions. [Read more…]