Like a parent, it is my job to be sure each of our animals never has to worry again.

This is very hard work, if you love animals. If there were no money problems, financially impossible government mandates, and constant staffing issues to worry about . . . there would still be the worrying about each of our animal-angels. That never goes away.

Whatever else I do, I am in a constant state of anxiety over one or more of our animals. I want to tell you about Bobo, but I have been up all night monitoring an elderly dog’s progress. She is on oxygen with pneumonia and a heart condition, among other things.

She is fighting hard while we are giving her 24-hour nursing care. Today she is 25% better than yesterday. And inch at a time . . . .

So my nerves are shot, but I have to focus some how and tell you about our Bobo . . . to help you see what we do here, and to prove to you that we are worthy of your support, and inclusion in your estate plans.

Someone dumped this little poodle in the desert when he was a year old. We didn’t know he was white, with chocolate markings around his mouth, until he had a few baths.

Now, not that any dog is different from the next, but poodles are among the MOST HUMAN of dogs. Why don’t people know these things? How can anyone just toss such a precious animal like an old shoe?

Bobo doesn’t just look at you, he looks inside you. He is happy to go out and play in his yard every day, but he is even happier when he comes in at night so we can monitor him. That is a special time for him!

Bobo has diabetes, an underactive thyroid, and Cushing’s disease.

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For the love of animals,

Leo Grillo, Founder
Leo Grillo, founder

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