Each rescued animal at D.E.L.T.A. Rescue super sanctuary is part of our family.

For the love of animals

I love each of our animals and I want them to live with us as long as possible.

Smith & Wesson were puppies 12-years-ago and I rescued them with their sister, Benelli. Over the years all three were together in one of our largest yards, with two trees, a straw bale dog house and lots of running room. They were next to a duck pond too so they had lots of friends!

Then a couple of years ago his sister passed away, but Wesson still had his brother. Smith and Wesson were together every moment until Smith passed away last week.

I saw Smith the day before he died. I spent some time with him and I gave him treats. He was an old friend. I had no idea he would leave us the next morning. It was a painful shock.

Now Wesson was alone in his huge yard looking for his brother, his best friend, whenever he awoke from a nap.

Sierra, on the right above, lost her beloved blind friend, Fluke, a few months ago. Since then, she’s been visibly lonely.

She had really been Fluke’s seeing eye dog. They stayed close together and she guided him everywhere. But in all those years of caring for her Fluke, Sierra never got to play with him because the poor guy could not see to romp around like she could.

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For the animals,

Leo Grillo, Founder

Leo Grillo, founder

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