e-Vet ALERT: Eliminate the Pests, Don’t Hurt the Pets

Topic: Using Multiple Pet Products Together Safely

by D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Veterinarian, Dr. Gaylord Brown

As a veterinarian, I am frequently asked how to safely eliminate pests around the house and pets.

  • Insecticides with the active ingredient pyrethrin are generally safe to use indoors around pets. Pyrethrines are a natural occurring insecticide made from the chrysanthemum flower. They are a common ingredient in flea and tick shampoos and sprays. This is a contact kill ingredient and has no residual effect beyond a day.
  • Boric acid powder is safe to use around pets and can be sprinkled down as a barrier against intrusion by insects at entry points.

When it comes to fleas and ticks on pets I am often asked which products can be used safely together.

When it comes to combining medications all animals are different, so be sure to check with your regular veterinarian before following these general guidelines.

When using fipronil topically it is generally safe to use amitraz collars; however, these collars offer primary tick control and may only assist with the fleas, which the fipronil should control well. This is a combination we use at the Sanctuary. The use of the oral products with fipronil is typically safe. Nitenpyram will knock down a flea infestation quickly but lacks residual effect. Spinosad will kill adults and have a residual effect for one month.

If in doubt, check with your regular veterinarian before using an insecticide around your pet.

Also check when using multiple flea and tick products on the same pet! This simple phone call could prevent a disaster for your pet.

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