Leo Grillo's rescues

DELTA Rescue founder, Leo Grillo, gave up his Hollywood acting career to save 35 dogs who were abandoned in the wilderness back in 1979. Today they are the largest sanctuary of their kind in the world.

Movie parodies starring DELTA Rescue's animals!

We are like an aircraft carrier. There are many, many chores that go into running the largest sanctuary of its kind in the world. But if we showed you each one you would get bored. So instead we are making these parodies, each one of which shows you one aspect of how we care for our up to 1,500 animals who were rescued from the wilderness. Please pass it on if you like them.

DELTA Rescue around our sanctuary and hospital

D.E.L.T.A. Rescue care-for-life animal super sanctuary. We care for our wilderness rescues for the rest of their lives. This is what makes us different from everyone else.

Dr. Gaylord M. Brown, DVM of DELTA Rescue

Chief veterinarian at DELTA Rescue for over 30-years. These are a few of his tips. You can read answers to many questions written to Dr Brown on our web site, deltarescue.org. Go to THE SUPERSANCTUARY tab and click on E-VET ALERTS or HOSPITAL AND STAFF to read more free medical advice. You can also write to Dr Brown through our web site. to get free answers to questions not covered on these pages..

Celebrity visits to DELTA Rescue.

Actor/singer Robert Davi, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Warren Eckstein, Actor Dennis Weaver, George Putnam, Cleveland Amory, Bernie Kopell, Loretta Swit

Border rescues

Some Border Patrol and military are animal lovers and they can’t stand to see dogs starving or dying of thirst at our southern border. They give these animals their own rations and water and when they befriend them they try to find them homes. But when family and friends cannot afford to take a dog who needs a lot of medical care, or who has learned to be defensive, we opened our doors to them.