Sneezing/weepy eye in older cat

I have an 11 year old male, neutered kitty (on of 10 rescues I have)that started sneezing 2-3 days ago and his right eye periodically looks weepy. He is, as they all are, an indoor kitty. He is eating, not a lot, but I am worried. Since I am retired and on a fixed income I can’t run to the vet with any little thing like I used to when working. But if you think I should, I will. Thank you Dr. Brown. Sande [Read more…]

Leg issue

My dog is limping and the only thing I can guess is that he jumped up into the SUV, and then jumped out. Ever since then he’s been limping and that was 2 days ago, so I’m not sure if I should keep walking him, wrap his leg or let him rest…Should I give him buffered aspirin? [Read more…]

Dog eating own feces

9 1/2 yr old Lab (service dog) is eating his own pooh.was told 1/2 t. Adolph’s meat tenderizer on kibble with bit of water would make his pooh smell repugnant to him and he would stop. Worked for a couple days -now he’s back at it. Don’t want to use it long term because it’s so salty. I am confined to wheelchair;husband had serious eye surgery ;must lie down on belly at least 2 more weeks. He used to clean it up immediately. Have to depend on kind neighbors to do it, so it accumulates a day or so.What can I do to help him, why is he doing it, could it be emotional or dietary? [Read more…]

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Question about Ivy’s Kidney Disease

Dr. Brown,
I was reading the story on Ivy living with Kidney Disease for years ( ) and I was wondering what you did to keep him going. Minnew, my 14 year old, was diagnosed about 7 months ago. She gets fluids twice a week and we are keeping her thyroid high enough to keep her kidneys happy. She is also on Royal Canin RX food (and Solid Gold wet depending on her mood). She has her good and bad days. More good than bad. Any advice? [Read more…]