Question about congestive heart failure

My neutered male dog of older indeterminate age has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure which apparently grew out of an earlier heart murmur. He’s on Vetmedin, potassium and several diuretics. We’ve heard favorable things about Hawthorne berries as a possible help for him but his cardiologist doesn’t know what dose or whether it would interact with current medications. He’s about 22 lbs. Are you familiar with this product and what amount would be considered a proper dose? Would there be an interaction with the Vetmedin? [Read more…]

Mental health during confinement during heart worm treatment

Our newest dog came to us with heart worm. While he likes to run and play with our other dogs the vet has us confine him during the many weeks of treatment. The dog does not understand and seems to think he is being punished for something he did not do. What can we do to improve his situation? [Read more…]

Mini Schnauzer Gagging and Choking

My dog keeps gagging like she trying to cough something up but nothing ever does. We’ve rubbed her throat when she is gagging . It isn’t a constant occurrence. She will be fine & sleeping then she gets up and starts gagging. She ate & drank last night. She’s 4-5 yrs old. I haven’t taken her to a vet yet. This started 2 days ago. [Read more…]

Heartworm meds for Lab service dog

My 8 1/2 yr. old Lab Service Dog has always used Interceptor.It’s unavailable from mfg. for 4 mos.I want a med closest to it, made in U.S.A. in pill form.1 med said’must be chewed,not swallowed.He wolfs/gulps food/rewards’ -not chewing.Help me choose the best/safest heartworm med for him in the interim.I’m wheelchair -bound/blind/shakey from MS.Please help me select the best thing for my best friend.thanks [Read more…]

Question about coughing

I have a Yorkie that neighbors found in street and gave to me. She was coughing and it got worse, took her to vet, xray showed collapsing trachea. She gave me prescription for two different syrups, hasn’t helped, saw Pawhealers online, ordered some herbs for phlem, doesn’t work, ordered herbs for slight heart murmur, doesn’t help, ordered NHV Resp-Aid and using for 3 days, hasn’t helped. Her coughing is getting longer in period of time. What do you do for your little dogs there? In between coughing spells, she runs around the house,barks at any noise, eats holistic food and stool is normal. What else can I do?
Thank you. I contribute every month. [Read more…]