2 year Persian cat has not been eating so well in the last two weeks.


Hello, my Persian 2 year cat has not been eating so well in the last two weeks. She also seems very week, sleeping all day. I had blood work done on her and she ranged 100 points over the maximum for normal results on her liver results. I just got an ultrasound done on her and she is showing a large spleen. She is a very small cat just weighing 6.7 pounds and I was told that she has a large spleen for her size. Now she is having 2 aspirations done from her liver and spleen. Do you have any other recommendations as far as what other test can be done? What results are to come from the aspirations? Can I just get her spleen removed to solve the problem? I dont know if this information will help, but she was also born deaf, and is white with cooper eyes.

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Asked on July 21, 2015 5:35 pm
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Your veterinarian is trying to find out if your cat has a tumor or some other type of disease of the liver and spleen. If there is a tumor, removal of the spleen will probably be helpful. If the disease is also in the liver medication will be used to follow up on the surgery.

Your cat seems young to have a tumor, however, it is a possibility. If the aspirations are not definitive I would recommend an exploratory surgery as a last resort to get a definitive diagnosis. In the meantime some efforts at treatment should be taking place.

At DELTA Rescue we use the drug cyproheptadine to stimulate the appetite. We start with 2 mg. twice daily and decrease as the cat starts eating. We also use the nutritional supplement Nutrical to provide calories. It is a sticky paste that can be placed in the mouth without the cat being able to spit it out.

Also with liver problems we use vitamin B and Iron injections once weekly. In addition we use the product Feline SAM-e, a nutritional support for liver function. This is a pill that is usually well tolerated by the cat. The liver is one organ that has a good capacity to heal, but we must provide the necessary support for this to take place. We usually use the antibiotic Flagyl as well to prevent bacterial complications.

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Posted by Dr. Gaylord Brown
Answered on July 21, 2015 5:37 pm