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Ask The Vet (51)

Disclaimer: By posting to and reading the ASK THE VET section on the D.E.L.T.A.Rescue website, you must agree and understand our terms, which are as follows: our veterinarians will give advice on the general health, care, and well-being of your pet and will answer general questions about diseases and disorder that affect pets. However, a physical exam, laboratory work and a complete history taken on your pet by your veterinarian is ALWAYS needed to diagnose your pet. Advice received on this website is never to be used in place of hands-on veterinary care from your veterinarian. This is meant to share with you and your veterinarian what we do at Delta Rescue for our own animals.
Ask The Vet
updated 6 years ago
My wonderful 8 year old dog became lethargic and was wheezing. To our shock, he was in congestive heart failure. He was diagnosed with cardio myopathy. The immediate crisis has passed for now but the key is to get his fractional contractions higher (...

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