Periodontal Disease in 15 yrs spayed cat.

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My cat had 5 upper teeth pulled in April 2019. Bumps in upper gum only area. Bio was done came back Neg for anything. Gums were fine for awhile but are now inflamed and has trouble eating. She is on 0.1ml Gabapentin oral and Mirtazapine 15mg (1/3 pill every other day for appetite.

Do you know of any supplement or treatment for her? Everyone tells me to pull all the teeth because that is the only way to help her. I want to of course make the best decision for her. I would love to know you opinion on this.

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Asked on July 5, 2019 2:21 pm


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At the Sanctuary we use regular injections of a drug called depo-medrol, a cortisone, for cats with chronically inflamed gums. As a consequence we use pulling all the teeth only as a last resort. A veterinarian at D.E.L.T.A., Joanne Sohn DVM, spearheaded a retrospective study of cats treated in this fashion. The paper was published that showed these cats had no ill effects from the regular use of this drug.

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Posted by Dr. Gaylord Brown
Answered on July 5, 2019 7:40 pm