I’ve spent 38-years rescuing animals who were either abandoned or born in the wilderness.

After all these years, I am still telling you stories of my rescues … trying to show you how magnificent these animals really are. In all these years, I’ve only been able to tell you about some of our cats and dogs . . . not all. Most of our beloved animals are known only to us here at our Super Sanctuary.

I always wonder what this mission would be like if everyone knew all of our animals the way we do . . . loved them the way we do.

So what I have to do is tell you about the many animals who live here, not just the latest rescue. Dogs like Dunkan and his life-mate, Flux. And all you have to do is see their pictures, see how happy they are, and you will know that this sanctuary is the most magical place on Earth!

April 2010, Dunkan was wandering in the deep desert, digging for morsels of trash to eat. Having survived to a year old, watching his siblings die one at a time, made him seem older than his one year. I could spend every minute of my life hugging these angels. Each one is so full of love, so happy, that my heart sings when I am near them. Yet each one would have been a forgotten corpse, food for some scavenger birds, if not for you and me.

Just look at Dunkan! He is a border collie mix, and very intelligent.

His Flux was only 6-months old when she was rescued the same month — and Dunkan has been taking care of her ever since. Below is a current photo of Dunkan now 7.

They smile all the time, but before their rescue they didn’t know how.

It is the gift of a happy, loving life that you bestow upon these abandoned angels when you support this mission.

I wish time would stand still . . . that all our animals were still young and playful like Dunkan and Flux . . . and that there was enough time in our lives to be with these precious beings every moment.  I think I just described Heaven.

If they are right, if we indeed go to this place where we are with our passed loved ones, then we will spend eternity being showered with love from all the grateful animal angels we helped in our lifetime.

And if this is the case, I will still be sad for all the others that we could not help . . . the forgotten ones who have perished . . . and I will ask myself if I could have done more. With that in my heart, please help me to grow this mission, today, so we can save even more Dunkans.

Besides your gift of support today, think about your legacy too.

Think about your estate plans, and about raising the amount you are leaving to this mission so even more animals will be saved in the years to come. Learn the many ways you can help D.E.L.T.A. Rescue well into the future. Your gifts go directly to the animals… come see for yourself on one of our “MEMBERS-ONLY” tours.

For the animals,

Leo Grillo, founder

Leo, I want to help continue to save abandoned cat and dog angels, and care for all their needs for life.

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Your gifts go directly to the animals… come see for yourself on one of our “MEMBERS-ONLY” tours.

For the animals,

Leo Grillo, Founder