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This video shows a great overview of the Super Sanctuary and how the animals live.

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DELTA Rescue’s Chief Veterinarian Dr. Gaylord Brown has an update on Sister the Chihuahua’s condition: Sister, the Chihuahua, is walking again. The cold laser was part of her treatment plan and I am sure it played an important role in her recovery. In …

I see many medical issues in our animals, and many miracles too . . . Read More »

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As this new year begins, I am sad for all my friends who did not make it past 2016. There are so many. And I can’t help but feel I cheated them by not telling you about their rescues and …

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Topic: Beware Ibuprofen in Dogs by D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Veterinarian, Dr. Gaylord Brown Ibuprofen is a common non-steroidal ant-inflammatory used in humans for analgesia. Its relative safety in people have led some well meaning pet owners to consider its use in …

e-Vet ALERT: Beware Ibuprofen in Dogs Read More »

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