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Give A Christmas Love Stocking


It’s Christmas again! Every year as I order Christmas Stockings for each of our animals, I smile, knowing how happy it makes them to get this gift. For some of our animals, it’s their first Christmas with us, and our

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All residents at DELTA Rescue no-kill animal sanctuary are family, and Polly was one of our kids.


Polly was a pretty little girl who fought for the first half of her life, against hunger, exposure and many diseases. I can’t get Polly out of my head . . . and my heart. I was going to tell

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The Largest Care-For-Life Animal Sanctuary In The World

Suzy was rescued in 2010 and now lives at DELTA Rescue animal sanctuary

Exactly 5-years ago I wrote this about Suzy. It is important that you read it again so I can show you how critical your help is in this mission of mercy. October, 2010 Just look at Suzy. Her eyes have

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I have seen enough estate planning nightmares to put into perspective the real human nature of the masses.

There are so many happy faces here at our sanctuary I shudder to think of what would have happened to them all if we weren’t here. And what will happen to the others when you and I are no longer

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These angels have an amazing ability to blossom when they get proper food, medical care. . . and love.

Hercules is now 8 years old.

Hercules is 8-years-old now. People keep asking about our Hercules. You can see that he’s over most of his terrible childhood nightmares . . . . Herc has become this shiny coated, happy dog! As you can see in the

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CNN Features Delta Rescue

Here’s our segment from CNN Anderson Cooper 360. Help us spread the word by sharing it on your Facebook and Twitter! Twitter users, others need this information as well, so please CLICK HERE to retweet this. All the animals at

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DELTA Rescue in the January Issue of Dog Fancy

Dog Fancy just did an article on DELTA Rescue in their January 2014 edition. It is available on news stands now. Make sure you go pick up a copy! Twitter users, others need this information as well, so please CLICK

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Syndicated Talk Show Host Warren Eckstein of The Pet Show visits Delta Rescue

Warren Eckstein host of The Pet Show visits Delta Rescue and founder, Leo Grillo. Warren talks about his visit and observations of what he experienced on a recent visit to the Delta Rescue Super Sanctuary.

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DELTA Rescue receives “Top Ranked Charity” and “Seal of Excellence” accolades

D.E.L.T.A. Rescue has received the coveted Independent Charities of America Seal of Excellence. The Seal of Excellence is awarded to the members of Independent Charities of America and Local Independent Charities of America that have, upon rigorous independent review, including

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CelebZter does a spotlight on DELTA Rescue and founder Leo Grillo

Meet the man who has rescued 1,500 dogs and cats from the wild They’re dreaming of a toy-filled Christmas and that’s exactly what the 1,500 animals at D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Lanee will get thanks to Leo Grillo, who is taking on

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Top Ranked Charity with an "A" Grade

STAY INVOLVED with the only care-for-life animal sanctuary of it’s kind – in the world.

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