Fire protection invention

Check out this video of our new PC CODE 16 fire engine, the only one in the world right now! It was invented for our sanctuary by Phos Chek, the makers of the red fire retardant dropped from planes during a wildfire!

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How To Build A Straw Bale Dog House


The number one priority at the D.E.L.T.A. Rescue SuperSanctuary is to provide the best possible care and comfort for our animals. Our founder, Leo Grillo, has invented the perfect solution to providing our dogs relief from the heat of the summer, and the cold temperatures of the winter by designing a stuccoed straw-bale adobe doghouse. [Read more…]

“Ivy” our longest living resident

I rescued Ivy as an adult cat in 1993, making him at least 21-years-old! We have been treating him for kidney disease for years, and he is a very happy cat. Everyone loves him and he purrs and arches his back to get your attention when he sees you.Ivy1

I have written 243 letters since Ivy came to live with us. Every time that I said “… and all our 1,500 catsIvy2 & dogs,” Ivy was one of them!

This is what we are all about. This angel would have died in 1993 when the President was Bill Clinton and the best movie of the year was Schindler’s List! All this time later he is still with us, reminding us why this mission is so important. [Read more…]

Thank you for our fire engine!

Fire engineThank you for our fire engine! We also have a fire crew to run it, though in a
pinch I can run it alone.

We are preparing our grounds for the eventual fire, and we have our structure and
animal protection plans mapped out.

We have also formed the D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Fire Brigade! Our first response will beat the government Fire Departments by at least 20-minutes, more in a wind-driven fire or firestorm. And thanks to one supporter, the company that makes the red fire retardant that you see dropped from planes, is designing a ground application engine for us too. Stay tuned, there is a way that this product can save your animals and your home too! [Read more…]

We need a fire engine of our own to respond to flare ups, wherever they are on the property.

After the 10-acre early morning fire of May 16, 2009, I am comforting Dominoe. I was there before the Fire Department, and I put out the entire left flank of the fire, alone. 100-feet more and it would have burned a cattery with 150 cats inside!

When the L.A. County Fire Department got their engines to the above scene, the wind-driven fire was moving toward our sanctuary. They brought in a helicopter, four engine companies, and a bulldozer to fight it.

And when the smoke cleared, they were stunned to see me alone in the field 300-feet away, having knocked down the left flank with a fire pump I had installed only the day before! This story made front page of the Antelope Valley Press Sunday paper the next day.

We have five fire pumps at our properties, each running off a water tank. We have this self-protection for only two reasons.

Number one is that it will take fire companies at least 20-minutes or more to arrive on scene of a fire where we are located. That is what happened on May 16 above. The fire was nearly at our cattery. If I were three minutes later we would have lost the entire structure and all those innocent lives. [Read more…]