D.E.L.T.A.: attore crea un santuario per gli animali abbandonati

~From Greenstyle Italy

Leo Grillo, attore di Los Angels, non avrebbe mai immaginato che il suo amore per gli animali lo potesse condurre fino alla creazione di un santuario. L’uomo, da sempre attivo nella difesa dei randagi, era turbato dai continui abbandoni nelle foreste e nel deserto a sud della California. Nonostante cercasse di sensibilizzare amici, vicini e sconosciuti, non riusciva modificare il comportamento negativo. Ben presto si rese conto del numero spropositato di cani e gatti in fuga lungo le carreggiate delle strade, e per questo decise di dare una svolta al tutto.
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Animal Lover Creates Biggest Sanctuary in the US

~From Life With Dogs

Leo Grillo used to believe that he could get people to stop abandoning their unwanted pets near the deserts of southern California, but he can’t. Instead, he has created an animal sanctuary that has saved the lives of over 1,500 critters.

The actor’s inspiration to do so came after he saved his first emaciated Doberman-Labrador mix named Delta in the Angeles National Forest almost 35 years ago. A year later while on a walk, he and Delta stumbled upon a group of three dozen abandoned dogs. Grillo started traveling along the same stretch of highway, looking for more dumped pets.
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Actor creates largest animal sanctuary in America

~From Dog Times

Actor, producer, and animal advocate Leo Grillo really wishes people would stop abandoning their pets in the forests and deserts near his Southern California home. While there was a time 35 years ago Grillo thought he could convince people to stop dumping their dogs and cats, he has long known those efforts would prove futile.

With no one to care for them and nowhere to turn, deserted animals often have only one hope to survive — Leo Grillo. Grillo promises every animal he finds that he’ll give them the happy life they each deserve.
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Actor Leo Grillo’s No-Kill Rescue DELTA Helps Abandoned Pets

~From Pet 360

Actor Leo Grillo had a dream nearly 35 years ago to put an end to people dumping their animals in the rural areas outside of Los Angeles, Calif.

He soon realized that the dream would not come true, but figured he could at least help the animals he found.

That’s when he established DELTA (Dedication & Everlasting Love to Animals) Rescue, the largest care-for-life rescue in the country.

The animals at DELTA are not rehabilitated or adopted out. They’re all unwanted animals Grillo has recovered himself and vowed to keep safe. Unless they are in pain, quit eating or will not interact with their handlers, they are allowed to live out their natural lives sheltered in custom made dog houses with private pools, plenty of food, on staff full time veterinarian care and lots of love.
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Uplifting Person of the Day – Leo Grillo

~From UP Entertainment

Leo Grillo is an actor, but it’s likely that you won’t recognize him from movies or television. That’s because Grillo is famous for something a little different: rescuing animals. He’s made it his life’s goal not to win an Oscar, but to care for abandoned animals.

Nearly 35 years ago, Grillo believed that he would be able to convince people to stop leaving dogs and cats in the forests and deserts of southern California. Despite his best efforts, people continued to drop off countless animals to fend for themselves in the wilderness.

Grillo would not accept defeat. He might not be able to stop people from leaving their animals on the side of the road, but he could make a vow to care for any animal that crossed his path.
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