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Question about my 18 year old poodle’s bloody stool

March 19, 2014

Powder is 18, has cataracts, both eyes but get around very well. Every 7-10 days, she will not want to eat and then has a liquid bloody stool. She won’t eat for another day or so, but then next day eats and is fine with normal stool until this repeats. She has a heart murmur,…

Purple Blister on Dog Prepuce

March 16, 2014

I have a 4yr old neutered Chihuahua that I found has a purple/blood like blister on the top of his prepuce just on the outside of the opening to his penis in the hair area. I very gently squeezed it and maybe a tiny bit of puss came out just below the purple area, but…

Question about feline digestive issues

March 12, 2014

My 11 yr old cat has a medium length coat. He has been throwing up or having diarrhea off and on over the past couple months. He eats high quality dry and canned food: Instinct, Origen, Tikki, Weruva & fresh water). I’ve given him petromalt type of hairball relief because he has had hair balls…

Diet for 78 lb Australian mix

March 12, 2014

Our Baxter needs to lose 10 lbs per the Vet. My husband and I disagree strongly on how much to feed him. Can you advise us, please. He is currently getting 3/4 cup of diet food with green beans and 1/4 cup pumpkin at each meal but is obviously hungry. I want to give more…

CNN Features Delta Rescue

March 11, 2014

Here’s our segment from CNN Anderson Cooper 360. Help us spread the word by sharing it on your Facebook and Twitter! D.E.L.T.A. Rescue receives no help from the government and relies solely on donor contributions. Supporters may tour the Sanctuary at our scheduled members only tours. Donor Privacy Policy.

DELTA Rescue in the January Issue of Dog Fancy

March 10, 2014

Dog Fancy just did an article on DELTA Rescue in their January 2014 edition. It is available on news stands now. Make sure you go pick up a copy!

Syndicated Talk Show Host Warren Eckstein of The Pet Show visits Delta Rescue

March 9, 2014

Warren Eckstein host of The Pet Show visits Delta Rescue and founder, Leo Grillo. Warren talks about his visit and observations of what he experienced on a recent visit to the Delta Rescue Super Sanctuary.

CelebZter does a spotlight on DELTA Rescue and founder Leo Grillo

March 7, 2014

Meet the man who has rescued 1,500 dogs and cats from the wild They’re dreaming of a toy-filled Christmas and that’s exactly what the 1,500 animals at D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Lanee will get thanks to Leo Grillo, who is taking on the guise of Santa Claus. Grillo, an actor, passionate conservationist and animal advocate, has single-handedly…

Fire Protection Invention

March 6, 2014

Check out this video of our new PC CODE 16 fire engine, the only one in the world right now! It was invented for our sanctuary by Phos Chek, the makers of the red fire retardant dropped from planes during a wildfire! Looking for retired firefighter volunteers – please inquire below:

What age to spay our Labrador

March 4, 2014

We have a 7 month old Labrador Retriever which I am in the process of training to become a Therapy Dog. She is not spayed although we plan on it. I have asked everyone I can and have discovered that breeders opt for from one year to two years before spaying and veterinarians go with…

Question about medication

March 4, 2014

My cat Baby, who is 18 years, just had a physical. She’s in good health except she is blind from high blood pressure which is now controlled with meds. Her back legs seem to be painful from arthritis and the vet prescribed prednisolone 2.5 mg every other day. It has definitely helped. My problem is…

Fatty tumors in my dog

March 1, 2014

I have a 13 year old mixed breed dog. She is all muscle and weighs about 90 pounds.Tasha developed two tumors, one in the right side of her neck and one in her lower left side around her waist area,about a year ago. Both were aspirated and neither is cancerous. She eats well, there has…

What is cause of bad breath in cats

March 1, 2014

My cat Cody has bad breath. He is a neutered 4-6 year old male striped tabby who throws up periodically (about every 10 days or so) but doesn’t seem sick. My vet has ordered a blood workup, results not yet in. He also has gingivitis and will get a second dental cleaning and extraction this…

Liver levels increased after tooth extraction and antibiotics

February 22, 2014

Our dog had some swelling on her face and it was determined that she had cracked a molar. A blood test was done prior to the extraction. She was administered many drugs for anesthesia and pain during the procedure then Baytril & Tram idol after the surgery. (Of course if you look up each of…

Administering hemp oil

February 20, 2014

Thank you so much for your quick response to my previous questions. I have another question regarding hemp oil. Can you give it orally or does it have to be mixed with food??

Question about a brace

February 20, 2014

Hello! I have a healthy little keeshound dog rescued from ga. He presents with a right front paw that he doesn’t use and keeps it up. Took to vet, no breaks but likely neuropathy. Was chewing on it but cleared that up. Vet suggested amputation and i say no!!!! Where can i get a brace…

Question about seizures

February 20, 2014

A friend’s 16 week old hairless Chinese crested has had seizures. her vet, for some reason, refuses to do a bile enzyme test…only standard blood work. they are in the UK and I am in the US. when my CC had seizures, the liver was the first to be checked by my vet. do you…

Bladder cancer and kidney disease

February 18, 2014

One of my cats has kidney disease-will hemp oil help. if so what dosage, she weighs 5 lbs. My other cat has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, we have ordered hemp oil,she weighs 7.6 lbs-is 1 ml okay to give. Is this hemp oil okay to give with Piroxicam

Question about alergies and seizures

February 18, 2014

My American bulldog was at the vets for a wk stay,(kennel)in may, I told them to give him all his shots before he came home, including flea pill etc, he had a shot for kennel cough also, when I pkd him up, he wasn;t himself, almost to the point , he didn’t recognize me, he…

Extreme matting on my cat

February 18, 2014

I have a two year old long hair kitty that is part of my rescued family (I have 10 rescued indoor kitties). She is part of the small feral community that live in my back yard so of course there is a lot of inbreeding. Bella has HUGE thick mats on her top rear area—I…

Inclusion Cyst

February 10, 2014

I have a 9yr old Beagle with an inclusion cyst, it doesn’t bother him at all but it is growing. Currently it’s about the size of a golf ball. I was curious at to what you thought the course of treatment should be. My vet said that it needed to be surgically removed, that if…

The Rescuer – Feature film about animal rescue

February 1, 2014

Sometimes wonderful and unexpected things happen when you set out to make a documentary, and this is very much the case with The Rescuer, which began as a 27-year chronicle of the activities of Leo Grillo, a man who loves animals, perhaps too much.  A note from Leo — In 2012 this documentary was…

Possible tumor in cats nasal passage

December 22, 2013

Dear Dr. My 9 yr old kitty started sneezing about 5 months ago. I took her to the vet when her face started to swell on one side, up side of her nose and under her eye. Without extensive testing (CT Scan) my vet thinks its a tumor. Took her to another vet and pretty…

What food should I give my dogs

December 13, 2013

I have 3 small dogs – a 6.5 year old yorkie poo (<6 lbs), an 11 year old shih tzu (13 lbs) and a 12.5 year old maltese (13 lbs). As they share food, what is the best option that covers all their needs. They get a multi vitamin (Pet tab) every day.

Feline Cancer

November 30, 2013

My 15 year old grey and white cat is believed to have a tumor in her nasal passages. She’s still spunky and lively but she’s sneezing blood. Our Vet thinks it’s being caused by a tumor, and we are going to do some more testing. Over the last few months I have done some research…

Question about vomiting

November 15, 2013

I have a 12 year old shitz-u who has been vomiting since she was a puppy. I have been very careful with not changing food and she gets no table food. I have consulted my vet and the only thing he has tried is an ant acid which only helps once in a while. I…

Treat Cat’s Nose Topically With Hemp Oil

November 15, 2013

First of all, I wanted to say thank you for doing what you do and offering your advice to people in need. We have a cat who is roughly 9 years old now. Because our situation has changed drastically we cannot afford to take her to a vet at the time being. For the last…

13 year old dog not eating after teeth extracted

October 20, 2013

What should the post operative treatment be for a 13 year old dog who had 7 teeth extracted 9 days ago and still isn’t eating normally? Currently he is in a vet clinic on an IV (without pain medication) and taking medication for a stomach ulcer for previous and continued use of previcox. What damage…

“Ivy” our longest living resident

September 26, 2013

I rescued Ivy as an adult cat in 1993, making him at least 21-years-old! We have been treating him for kidney disease for years, and he is a very happy cat. Everyone loves him and he purrs and arches his back to get your attention when he sees you. I have written 243 letters since…

Thank you for our fire engine!

September 25, 2013

Thank you for our fire engine! We also have a fire crew to run it, though in a pinch I can run it alone. We are preparing our grounds for the eventual fire, and we have our structure and animal protection plans mapped out. We have also formed the D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Fire Brigade! Our first…

Cooling pad and bladder

September 14, 2013

Doctor Brown, To keep our 14 year old black chow cool we recently purchased from a catalog a pad with a gel inside that keeps the pad about 5 or 10 degrees cooler than the room’s temperature. Last night was the first time he slept on it with his full body. Today, for the first…

Question about vacines

September 9, 2013

I read your article on vaccinating so did I understand it right do you recommend only giving the shots every 3 years. I adopted a rescue 3 months ago and she 8 months to a year. They said they gave her shots. Should I give her shots again this year and then every 3 years…

Applying multiple brands of flea meds on dogs

September 9, 2013

I am so impressed with all the wonderful things y’all are doing for those very fortunate rescues! Thank you for caring. I usually deflea with Frontline Plus or Advantage II on my 40 plus rescued dogs/cats. Recently I found a ton of fleas on two kennel mates and promptly sprayed on with Virbac Knockout and…

e-Vet ALERT: Dog Dental Care

July 25, 2013

Topic: How Simple is that Dental Procedure? by D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Veterinarian, Dr. Gaylord Brown Dentistry is a major component of health care in our pets today. These procedures are routine but that does not mean they are simple. Most dog dental work is done under general anesthesia. General anesthesia, though considered safe, is always a…

We need a fire engine of our own to respond to flare ups, wherever they are on the property.

July 18, 2013

After the 10-acre early morning fire of May 16, 2009, I am comforting Dominoe. I was there before the Fire Department, and I put out the entire left flank of the fire, alone. 100-feet more and it would have burned a cattery with 150 cats inside! When the L.A. County Fire Department got their engines…

e-Vet ALERT: Eliminate the Pests, Don’t Hurt the Pets

June 21, 2013

Topic: Using Multiple Pet Products Together Safely by D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Veterinarian, Dr. Gaylord Brown As a veterinarian, I am frequently asked how to safely eliminate pests around the house and pets. Insecticides with the active ingredient pyrethrin are generally safe to use indoors around pets. Pyrethrines are a natural occurring insecticide made from the chrysanthemum…

Diet for Australian Cattle dog / Queensland Heeler

June 20, 2013

We have a 13yr, old female spayed Australian Cattle dog/Queensland Heeler who weighs 81 pounds, but used to weighing 70 pounds. She is a lot active and has arthritis, but is on anti-inflammatory. She eats 2 cups of Natural Balance Vegan kibble daily, equaling about 700 calories. Without changing her type of food, how can…

e-Vet ALERT: Ticks and Disease

May 13, 2013

Topic: A Particularly Bad Year For Ticks by D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Veterinarian, Dr. Gaylord Brown We are being challenged at the sanctuary by this pesky pest! Discussions with my colleagues indicate this seems to be a common problem, at least throughout Southern California. Besides the obvious problems of potential anemia if heavily infested; ticks can also…

China Doll

This beautiful little China Doll was tossed away with her dad. And she had a heart condition that needed urgent care.

May 1, 2013

Here’s what people like you have done for little angels like China Doll and Chewy, who were cruelly abandoned . . . . Exactly nine-years-ago this week we rescued China Doll . . . back then a one-year-old Chihuahua . . . and her father, Chewy. Chewy was then six years- old. How somebody could…

Mental health during confinement during heart worm treatment

April 29, 2013

Our newest dog came to us with heart worm. While he likes to run and play with our other dogs the vet has us confine him during the many weeks of treatment. The dog does not understand and seems to think he is being punished for something he did not do. What can we do…

Mini Schnauzer Gagging and Choking

April 20, 2013

My dog keeps gagging like she trying to cough something up but nothing ever does. We’ve rubbed her throat when she is gagging . It isn’t a constant occurrence. She will be fine & sleeping then she gets up and starts gagging. She ate & drank last night. She’s 4-5 yrs old. I haven’t taken…

e-Vet ALERT: Possible Spring Pet Injuries

March 21, 2013

Topic: Spring Injuries by D.E.L.T.A. Rescue Veterinarian, Dr. Gaylord Brown After a long, cold winter we are all anxious to get back to outdoor activities! Your faithful companions are anxious to get back out with you. Be aware there are some pet injuries that commonly occur during this transition to spring. With a little fore…

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